Feels Like Home

Released May 2016

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Feels Like Home begins by welcoming you in from the rain to the warmth of the hearth with the Paul Simon classic "Kathy's Song." Before you know it, the rugs are rolled up and a dance floor is cleared. Mary Beth takes listeners to her grand- parents’ dairy farm back in the 1940s with "Threshing Time," a tune she co-wrote...

Track Listing

  1. Kathy's Song (Paul Simon)

  2. Threshing Time (MBC)

  3. Shady Grove (Doc Watson)

  4. Long, Long Time (Gary White)

  5. The Medley: Summertime (Heyward, Gershwin)/ Pas De Deux (MBC) / Moondance (Van Morrison) / Français (MBC)

  6. Cottonwood Creek (MBC)


Beyond Good and Evil

Released January 2013

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Beyond Good and Evil is a folk Americana collection of original and cover tunes. It is inspired by the spirit and grit of the pioneers that blazed the trail from the east to the west in search of what they treasured most.

Track Listing

1. Babes in the Woods 
2. Beyond Good & Evil
3. Kiss You Good Night 
4. I Ain’t No Ways Tired 
5. Eliza Jane
6. Stories Never Told
7. Caledonia
8. Land of the Midnight Sun 
9. Feels Like Home 
10. Our love is Here To Stay

My music comes from inspiration found in the beauty of nature and the human spirit.
— Mary Beth Cross

In My Right Mind

Released 2011

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In My Right Mind is a contemporary folk collection of new and familiar tunes celebrating the human spirit. Early colonial American immigrants brought with them their stories and music, dances and art.

1. In My Right Mind
2. Before I Go
3. I Paint The Sky
4. High Powered Love
5. Banjo Man
6. Leaving Liverpool7. A Pas De Deux
8. For Good
9. What A Wonderful World
10. Amazing Grace
Bonus Track: A Pas De Deux (en Français)

Produced by Dave Bechtel; Recorded, mixed and mastered by
Colin Heldt at Dark Horse Recording, Franklin, TN


The Enchanted Highway

Released December 2007

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The Enchanted Highway is a celebration of moments in which I have felt a close connection to the spirit. Whether experiencing the miracle of the birth of my boys, encountering the kindness of a stranger biking along the West coast of Ireland, visiting with a Navaho woman in her hogan on the reservation in New Mexico, or bumping into an old friend, they are sacred moments, glimmers of a divine presence in my life.

Track Listing

1. The Enchanted Highway
2. Across The Great Divide
3. Before The Waters Run Dry
4. Stay
5. Hey Old Girl
6. Sweet Is The Melody
7. When God dips His Pen Of
Love In My Heart
8. The Dance You Choose
9. The Seven Rejoices of Mary
10. Wooden Nickels
11. Human Nature Blues
12. No Frontier
13. When I Like You Best


Laughing Through Tears

Released December 2006

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Laughing Through Tears is a musical journey of a woman's heart. It explores themes of falling in love, to raising a family to finding a quiet, peaceful place inside which fuels the work of making the world a kinder place to be in. It is a combination of some originals and some old favorites with a new twist. The production is clean and simple, the lyrics thoughtful and passionate.

Track Listing

1. That's Where I'll Be
2. Ride of Your Life
3. Mother of Sons
4. Just For Today
5. Girl's Night Out
6. Roseville Fair
7. When You Say Nothing At All
8. Wildfire
9. Takes My Breath Away
10. Give yourself To Love
11. Heaven On Earth
12. Songbird